How to store multiple attachments name into single variable so that ,i can store it into a single cell of excel?

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@Rajib_Behera you can store in string

can please give me an example for the same.

Hi Rajib_Behera

You can store the name in string: value1 + value2 then it will just concatenate the values so you can add “,” in between or if you want the values to be in next line then you can use vbcr command in between then the values will be stored in next line each time for ex.

value1+vbcr+value2 …

Result will be
the value will be in single variable

Actually i am getting the value in a particular variable within a loop.So i am not able to store the result value in a single variable.

maybe some details from your modelling (e.g. screenshot) can further help.

In general, when within a loop a single value is retrieved, and the concatenated values are later to store within the excel cell we can do

Option #1:

  • strAll = strAll & “;” & strSingle

Option #2:
using a string list and and an item to it within the loop
Get the flatten string afterwards by: String.Join(“;”, YourStringListVar)

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I am getting only the single value not the multiple value after join operation.

Issue got resolved ,before i was initializing the collection variable inside the loop.Thank you