How to store longer length value in Stored Procedure

Hi Guys,

I’m getting a value from excel and need to store that in store procedure. The length of the value might vary. If the length of the value is small it is storing and if the length is long it is not storing the value. But while running using SQL DB its working properly.
Please guide me on how to store longer length value in stored procedure.

Thank you every one.

Hi @sridhar1516
Kindly pass it as a string variable
That would work for sure
Cheers @sridhar1516

Thanks for the quick response @Palaniyappan

The value is not always a text. I have value something like this -12345671235434567.1212456
i’m able to get the value before decimal. How to get the decimal value as well.

fine try with type Int64 for that variable
Cheers @sridhar1516

I tried with type Int64 @Palaniyappan
but i’m getting a error generic value cannot converted to int32

we need to mention like this buddy
if the variable is named as in_value which is of type Generic
Cheers @sridhar1516

what would be the variable in To block ??

can i have a view on that workflow as a screenshot where you are assigning and the variable panel as well
Cheers @sridhar1516

@Palaniyappan issue resolved dude.
using this expression
Math.Round(Convert.ToDecimal( Veriable_name ).ToString),2).ToString()


Fantastic buddy
Cheers @sridhar1516