How to store Excel Selected range into variable and get that one by one for next transaction

I have excel file where I need to filter on 1st row with one by one number, but as I am not able to do that I copied that numbers and paste that into another row then remove duplicate and then tried to use that one by one value for filter.
But after selecting that range I am not able to store that into variable and get that numbers one by one. can anyone please help.

Here I want to apply filter in B column.

With below ID’s one by one.


  1. Use Read Range activity to get all the data into datatable
  2. Get distinct value from column B comp_id (use dt.Select method in assign activity and keep them store in either List or Array)
  3. Loop over List/array values and use Filter activity to filter column B comp_id with the List/array Value

Hello, thnx for reply
I have tried with this solution but it is not working.