How to store date value in Datatable in Ui path?

I am having assign variable with date value: experienceDate = 01/12/2023 - 22/08/2023.
I want to store experienceDate in a datatable. What type should i choose to store the experienceDate?

Please give me solution with an example. Thanks.

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Choose string Datatype

Thank you

Hi @Gowthaman_Gajakutti

Use Update row Item activity to update the specific row in the datatable.
Store the experienceDate in a Variable. The datatype of experienceDate variable is in System.DateTime

=> Assign -> experienceDate = "01/12/2023 - 22/08/2023"

Check the below image.

In the Value field pass the experienceDate Variable
In the Row field give the row range in where you want to update.
In the column you can specify the column.

Hope it helps!!

You can set the column datatype as datetime if your storing dates from 01/12/23 to 22/08/2023

Hi @Gowthaman_Gajakutti

Try this

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It really works. Thanks a lot for your support.

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Thanks @rlgandu It works fine.

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Hi @lrtetala
I want to capture date from this page. I used get Text activity to capture data from the page and write cell activity into an excel.

I could not capture two company experience details with get text activity. Bot is getting stopped when one experience detail presented in the page.

Please help me. Thanks.


Then accordingly you have to make it dynamic to extract how many ever are presnet…use find children or for eqch ui element activities to do this task