How to store data scraping output in excel with input number right next to the each result

Hello All,

I have a question related to Data Scraping.

Process: I have a job number, search in the web portal, and store the results in an Excel sheet. first, I used the If function to check whether the job number had output or not. if the output present, need to Scrape the data table and store it in Excel right next to the Job number.

previously I designed not to scrape the data…just to know whether the job had output or not and store the status in Excel. now I want to add data scraping for the output and don’t know how to store it in excel right next to the job number.

Appreciate the help and support!

Main.xaml (25.6 KB)


You can check below as a reference for adding the content to store the value in particular row and column
Tutorial : How to Calculate difference between two Time Values using UiPath

Hope this helps you