How to store all values from For Each and send to email


I have a “For Each” activity to compare 2 excel files and find out if there are missing entries in file1 from file2. When I get “Log Message” in the for reach activity I get all the missing entries correctly but what if I want to send an email with all the entries listed together. When i do that it only displays one

Hello @Nstojkov ,

You have few options:

  1. You can have a column in File2, where you say if exist or not. You update that column each time with a status of exist or not. At the end, just filter the column with only exist or not and send via email only those items.

  2. Maybe you can simply create a list, with only the values from the specific fields.
    -Create new list before For each Row
    -in for each row, use an IF , to check if the value exist or not. if satisfy the condition, add that you using Add to collection

  • at the end, just print the list in your mail or file. (string.join)

Just some ideas, that came in very early morning.


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