How to stop the Ui workflow while waiting SAS execution to finish processing

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I was about to run an Ui workflow to execute SAS workflow. But currently I’m facing a problem that while I start the execution of SAS using UiPath, the Ui workflow will continue the execution of next sequence even though my SAS execution haven’t done yet. So what activities should I put in between both sequence to prevent the problem?

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Before giving a solution. May i know how you will identify your SAS workflow ends.

Is throwing any output or any alert?

Srenivasan kannan

Hi @SrenivasanKanna
Yup. I’ll have another new file created in another folder.

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That’s cool @yushinchan :slight_smile:

Use path Exists activity - File Option and Flow Decision

Do not use wait bez you can not say that SAS execution end time. Instead of that use file Exist and flow decision. If there is no SAS output file on your specific folder. Obivisily you will wait for the output.

The below flow will loop until your output file exists.


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Srenivasan Kannan

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May I know what condition should I put in the condition column to check whether file exists or not?

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