How to Stop the Trigger(Schedule) thru API

I want to stop the trigger(schedule) using process thru API call, is there a way ?

I hope we have the api available to start or trigger a process but no api available to stop the Schedules. But you can stop the job or even the multiple jobs using API. Please check the documentation and let me know if this works


POST /odata/ProcessSchedules/UiPath.Server.Configuration.OData.SetEnabled

It allows you to: Enables/disables a group of schedules.

If you use UiPath Studio activity, you will find it here:

Before you can do an activity, you need to get ID Schedule, use the GetProcessSchedules activity.

In Swagger:

GET /odata/ProcessSchedules

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Which package do we need to install to use these activities ?

I think I wrote it wrong. Activity, or rather a query, appears after creating a library of API queries to the Orchestrator in UiPath via a link from Swagger. Then these activities (queries) appear on the list.

Here a link to a topic where it is explained step by step.