How to stop the main workflow and wait for the completion of a second

Hello, I have implemented a ‘Invoke workflow Fie’ activity into my current workflow. While starting and running the workflow the main workflow has to stop and wait for completion of the task. I don’t want to use a ‘wait’ activity for that.
I read about the ‘Create Form Task’ activity for this purpose, but can’t find it in the activity list.

anyone ?


Try using ‘Find Element’ activity.

Do mark ‘Wait Visible = True’ in properties


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Hi @B.D.

Your main workflow will pause while it waits for completion of the invoked workflow. Is it doing something different? Are you kicking off something from the invoked workflow but not waiting for completion withing that workflow?

If you feel you need the Create Form Task, you’ll need to load the UiPath.Form.Activities package.

Trying to get a better feel for your situation.



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Hi Troy, thanks for your reply. I haven’t had the opportunity to test it, but assamed it wouldn’t stop, because Uipath describes the ‘invoke Workflow File’ activity with “Synchronously invokes a specified workflow…”. But if it is as you say, then my question is obsolete.

Thank you for your help


Use should stop activity. When you click stop on orquestrator it will send a signal to the current running process. If it gets the should stop signal you can stop it or not. Just like a boolean and it will stop to wherever you want it to stop.

Hi, i don’t use orquestrator to run my workflows