How to stop sleep state of my computer

Hello everyone.

I am worried that my PC is not keep working because my PC is set sleep state after working for ten minutes.

We want to solve the above problem by UiPath implementation.
Please tell me if you have any solutions.



@takefumi.s, if you are facing desktop lock imposed by your network policy this following script will help you.

KeepAlive.xaml (10.6 KB)
This is KeepAlive script which will click on a desktop.
This never stops and it won’t allow your network desktop locking policy and i will keep alive your PC forever until you lock manually. If you want to stop the UiPath script then press F12.

if you are facing issue with sleep mode the the following link will help you.


Thank you for your advice.
Your adivice means that I solve this problem because I use click activity?

By the way I cannot chage the setting of PC.


You can add what ever the activity you want in the loop or use click activity so that PC will not get lock.