How to stop "Save Workbook" activity to save a copy of the excel file if the file is already open


I am working on a robot which needs to read from and excel file, write something in the same excel file and finally save the file. To save, I am using the “Save Workbook” activity - which is working fine.

Now, a potential business exception is that if the excel file is opened by another user during the robot operation, then the robot should stop working and raise this as an exception. But what happens is when the activity Save Workbook is ran, if the file is opened by another user, it fails as fault but then it saves it as a new excel file. I don’t want a new excel file to be created in this directory. I am able to capture the fault with try catch so the error is handled. Don’t want an additional file being created.

Please help.

Save workbook error

Kindly remove the SAVE WORKBOOK activity and enable AUTOSAVE property in Excel application scope

Did we try without Dave workbook activity itself

Cheers @bokapakhi