How to stop robot but not repeat from first step

Hello guys,

I have a web that to be automated and using internet connection. How to pause the robot when I lose my internet connection and run the robot again and continue from the last step without repeating the whole process?

Thank you very much

You may be able to use “parallel”.

Wait for The element that is displayed when the connection is lost,
And Causes the connection to recover when the element is displayed.

By looping these in “parallel”, it is less susceptible to loss of connectivity.

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Hi @claudiojody,

You can’t pause it rather can use exceptions, I giving you a small idea about it.

  • For checking the internet connection, use HTTP Request activity for your particular website. If you got the response status code as 200 OK, you can proceed further. else you make the loop to continuously check until it gets the 200 OK.

  • Use Element Exist to make sure you’re on the correct page, else wait for it.

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