How to stop process execution when Orchestrator is not in use?

Is there any activity for stop or close process.(When orchestrator is not used)

Suppose in Sequence_1 catches ERROR then i don’t want execute Sequence_2,
process should be stop after Sequence_1.

What should i do?

Hello @sandipgolande012,

An approach I can think of is to use a Try Catch activity then put Sequence_1 and Sequence 2 inside the Try.

Hello @jcastro,

Thanks for reply, but i am using separate above 15 sequences in my project, if Seq_1 catches ERROR & i don’t want to execute remaining Sequences(How can put remaining 14 Sequences in try :slight_smile: ).

i just want to know activity name, using that activity i can stop/close my Excel application.

Hello @sandipgolande012,

Your Try Catch activity should look like this:

Just put all 15 sequences inside the Try part.