How to stop / kill process in this new uipath orchestrator set up?

1)how to stop / kill process in this new uipath orchestrator set up?
2)published a new process but it does not appear in the process drop down

Can you explain a bit more?

If you want to kill a process which is running in orchestrator, you can do that manually in the orchestrator or use this activity to do it in the studio

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there has been an infinite loop run …i want to stop it and delete the project however it shows the following msg:
Modifying this process is not possible at the moment, because there are active jobs associated with it.

Have you connected studio and orchestrator in the robot? post the screenshot of the drop down which you are mentioning about

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Hi @new_user

  1. Once the job is active and running you will see the stop and kill options next to the job under the jobs page.
  2. Once the solution is published it will first be listed under packages page. You got to create a process from the process page using the solution available in the packages page. Then it will show under process drop down when you are going to start the job
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only the previous process(publish)appears. I want to add another process and it should be appearing in the drop-down after published successfully , right?image

May be this is a silly question, Are you sure your package is available in the packages pane?

i’m new learner…can u plz guide me where is the packages pane?

Next to that processes pane


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do i have to upload a new process here ?

You need to publish it from the studio…

as per this, you have published already right? Is it available in the packages there?


only teh previous one is available

Make sure your robot is connected to orchestrator in the system tray…

as in the screenshot


i cannot see this…how can i find this? @HareeshMR

I hope you did it previously while publishing the first package… anyway here are the steps to do …

Navigate to this path : C:\Users* username \AppData\Local\UiPath\UiPath.Agent.exe

double click on it and need to give the url and the machine key of orchestrator.

click on the three dots and go to view, you will get the machine key…

Machine key will be there in the machines tab in the orchestrator.

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Alright! So i’m adding my steps below. Can you please correct if required?
step1 : image
step2: Added my machine here.

step3: Added “ROBOT-1” as my robot: ![image|690x186]
step4: connected my orchestrator: image
step5 :my robot gets activated:
step6: added my process:
step7: can’t see my process here : image

You missed creating the environment and adding the robot to it… Only a single step to do… :slight_smile:

alright! after starting a job run i get the following, does that mean it ran successfully?

Yes, your job was executed successfully. @new_user

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