How to stop a loop in GetTransactionData?

Good night people,

I have redone the exercises to fill in some gaps in my learning that was not the best, but anyway.

In this exercise I am asked to extract data from one page only and I cannot understand clearly why my process does not stop extracting items from the screen, That is, when he extracts the last item, the process is restarted

Can anyone help me in this understanding?

I tried several things, did some reading and nothing. I know it must be something very easy, but it’s really confusing.

Thanks any help.

PS: Please disregard the notes I made in an attempt to understand the process.


(14.2 KB)

Process.xaml (9.9 KB)

Hi @jesse.oliveira,

Please click the No Data transition, it will route to the condition for end process:

Annotation 2020-04-24 135742

Give condition like below, so that it will run for one transaction from next transaction it will go to end process because trans no. is 2 that is greater than 1. so, loop will stop on 2nd iteration.

Hope this helps…!


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Thanks for your return!
I ended up reading the instructions and I don’t know if I got it wrong, but in GetTransactionData, I set “in_TransactionNUmber” to 1 and noticed in the code the call to “GetTransactionData” in Main, clicking on import or the logically strange value as 1, maybe that’s why argument was not added to the value 1 at each interaction.

One solution that was found was to remove the TransactionNumber number from 1 in GetTransactionData and not in Main and not call GetTransactionData, assign TransactionNUmber to in_TransactionNUmber.




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