How to start the bot from the next empty cell in column A

Hi, I have a real problem if someone can help me.
I am looking for the bot to pick up the data in column E and then enter it in a online software. From the online software the bot will pick up the transaction id, date and amount to enter back into the spreadsheet.
I have a code that can extract the data and break it up in parts form me to enter back into the spreadsheet however the bot will have to locate the next empty field in the spreadsheet to start that process.
below is a screenshot of what i stuck on

please is there anyone that can help me?

Most simple method is simulate human action:
1/ select cell A1
2/ enter (TypeInto activity) Ctrl+End
3/ enter DownKey


@J0ska ive just tried that, doesn’t give me the desired outcome, sorry i forgot to mention i using google sheets if that makes any difference

That makes difference indeed.
In Google Sheets use Ctrl+DownKey in step 2/


Use Extended Excel Activities, there you will find activity as " Get last row" and “Get last column”
Using above activity you will get the desired row or column and using the output of this step as input for write activity, you can easily dynamically update excel.

Cheers !!

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Use Spreadsheet related activities from Package Manager and you are good to go.
Install these packages, you will get al Google spreadsheet related activities