How to start from the next empty cell in the column

Hi guys, i am looking for the bot to start reading a goggle sheet from the first empty cell in column A.

The bot will extract data from the name column and when running the process it will then fill the other columns. At the min the bot is able to run perfectly fine if column A is completely empty.
I am currently extracting the data into a data table and then the bot goes through the sheet. what can i add or change about the workflow to accommodate the start from the first empty cell in column A function.

any help would be much appreciated


Hi Nick,

Seeing as you have extracted the info into a Data Table you could use a For Each Row loop activity and Get Row Items activity specifying either the column index or the column name (I’ve used the index in this example 1 = A) to go through each row and use an IF statement to find out if the column/cell entry you are on is empty.

If empty quotes don’t work then maybe try using strings.isnullorempty() as your IF statement.

Then when you have found what you want, use something like “A” + (dt1.Rows.IndexOf(row)+2).tostring

You will wave to play around with it to get the exact row line depending on whether you are using headers, in my case +2 got me the row I needed. I think the UiPath training videos actually have an example of trying to work out the row