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the input is the variable that i created right?

Hi @Nur_Amin

For excel the variable you crwated will
Be input and that same variable shpuld be used as output variable for previous activities like generate datatable


Thisnis the variable that i created n put as input

can u explain more on this?

Hi? Can u explain more on this?

Hi @Nur_Amin

The variable you created is of text type

That is good…When you read your text file you will place the data into this variable by giving the variable name in output field
The same string please give as input variable for generate dataatble

then output of generate datatable is a datatable so create a datatable variable and assign that variable to output field for generate datatable

give the same datatable variable as input to write range to write data to excel


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may i ask for your help? can i give u a sample data and i give explaination step by step n u can help me more details on how to use uipath

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