How to spy the values which changes continuously

I am Getting the value “9NN8K1R2QU”, which will be Change continuously
How to spy that Value which come in form of checkbox and Name.
Can u please Help ME

Hi @VennuSantosh,

Try using various UiFrameworks in UiExplorer


I have used it But values are changing, so unable to check the checkboxes

You can use the text that is to the right of the checkbox “SharePoint Developer” for example…

I will get the Values from the response like 84s5dfv
which changes every time and names of it also too

But how do you know which checkbox you need to click (select)?

I will get the value and the name of the checkbox,after clicking the link the value and its details will exist 001

If i understand you correctly, you can use UiExplorer and select one of the objects there to see if you can find that value inside, after you know where it is, you can use Get Attibute to get it.

Yes sir , I Did the same thing what u said,
Dynamically Values and their names are changing so it will work for only single value

selectors can be as dynamic as you want:

Sure Sir,I will Try this

Its not Working

@VennuSantosh Can you show us the Selector for that checkbox?