How to split the data in row to other rows in csv

Hi guys,

I want to scrape data from that table but with some modification

i want to check the item in second column and i need to check that item has two lines say
Senior Javascript
i need this two lines in seperate rows
Kindly refer the image for the below details
cedric kelly/javascript senior
cedric kelly/developer

Like this i need seperate those data into two rows.

How can i do it in uipath.
Help me with logic and if possible share workflows.


hi @Sriram07,

Scrape the datatable as it is, add an additional column to the datatable for the additional data you require and then iterate through the datatable using a for each row loop and split the row() which contains the developer java script with new line delimitor and then add that data to the new column you added.

Shiva karthik

Create one data table with Name and Position columns

  1. You will get data in datatable right then use for each row to loop through this datatable and then
    2.Check condition row[“Position”] = “Senior Javascript Developer” this will return true or false if it is true add this row to create data table else leave it blank

Thanks for the reply !!!

Then how can i copy the row(Name) to the new rows.
Then also i need help like how can i add new rows dynamically below that respective row.

thanks for the reply !!!

see my results i want row(name) also to be repeat on the rows i generated
how can i do that
See name should come two times in this case(Cerdric Kelly) because one newline character only there.

Check like this in condition row[“Position”] = “Senior Javascript Developer” or row[“Position”] = “Developer” if anyone matched it will return true then if you want name take one string variable and assign value like this to get the name row[“Name”]