How to Split text from PDF to strings

Hello All,

I have got text output form a PDF file.

Note receipt.
Date 19:01:23
SLno date Status Error submitted
00077655 12/12/22 Approved Non

I want to split the text into separate lines and be able to extract “Approved” from the 3rd line.
Kindly please suggest the way to do this.

Kindly Please help.
Thanking you

Hi @Yugal_Raju input
Read pdf text and then inputstring.split(environment.newline)(3).split(" ")(2)

Can you please explain a bit more

I’m getting error cannot convert String to Char

@Yugal_Raju Can you specify what’s the exact output you are expecting from below data

I required the Word “Approved” from the 4th line.

Remove approved from code just give empty space

Hi Sangeetha
I’m facing the same error


Are you trying to check if the given string contains approved?

If yes then str.Contains("Approved") will give true if present here str is the string variable containing your string


inputstring.split(environment.newline)(3).split(’ ')(2)
Try now

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