How to split pdf into paragraphs?

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I want to split a pdf into paragraphs. I can’t split it using a newline. because, it will result in each line items. I am using “read pdf text activity”

For Eg:


In the above pdf, i need to split into 2 paragraphs


Thanks in advance.

@athirapr After reading pdf split by new line

Hi @athirapr,

After using the read pdf text activity use write line activity and show the output. Based on that I could tell how you could split your text into paragraph.

Hello athira,
You can use the following regex to get all the paragraphs
The paragraphs will come under the matches


I tried your solution.It returns each lines in the pdf not paragraphs.

can you send me the pdf.

i don’t want each lines.I need each paragraphs as shown in the image.

@athirapr You can split by empty line

samplefile1.pdf (3.0 KB)

see this file.

How can i split by empty line.Would you please share the sample code snippet.

@athirapr Here you go with xaml file for splitting paragraph (11.9 KB).Check this and let me know for further assistance.


Use below code in assign activity


more details refer this post

Do you want to spilt one PDF into multiple PDFs having each paragraph ?

Thanks mate. It worked.:+1::grinning:

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You are welcome


show the xaml


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