How to split PDF files

I have a PDF contains lots of pages, maybe 50 or more, and i want to split it into multiple files with UiPath, is there any samples for this operation?

Refer this @rudy,

I tried this before, but it did not work because all the data saved in my PDF’s is image format, I do not need to export that, I just want to split the pdf by pages.

Then use read pdf text with ocr and provide range “1-17”,“17-34”.“34-50”.You can store the data in different files

I recommend to have PDF writer so that can use Print mode and give the rage as “3-6” and save as PDF then PDF writer will create a PDF page range from 3 to 6.
Same Printing process can repeat different intervals of Page range to split total PDF.

Note: User Must have PDF writer to achieve this.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC supports splitting the PDFs through the UI, which you are able to automate.
However, if this needs to be done regularly at scale, then you want to do it through the command line.

Have a look at this:

There are other solutions available as well. This will support you export one large PDF to smaller individual PDFs.

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