How to split large amount of excel data

Can anyone suggest how to deal with large excel data.I have excel data almost 4 lakh records.I am not got those records in read range.
Some suggest me you need to split the excel sheet.Can any one suggest me how to do it or provide me sample code for this

Hi @Aditya10989

Check this

I’m not sure you can have 20 lakh (2 000 000 million) rows in one excel file. I think the maximum number of rows is under 1.1 millions. But it should be possible to read and process any valid excel file using UiPath.

If you cannot process the file with the standard UiPath activities because of the size, you can also try the following activity package I developed a while ago: . I would recommend trying first with the standard Excel Application Scope first, though.

Ashwin S


You can using Invoke code in order to implement VB.Net to read large excel file. I used to try to use Read Range in UiPath but it get error.

@AshwinS2 thanks bro hope got a solution

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