How to split columns for all the rows with a specified delimited value

I have a sheet where it contains time as 6:30,14:30 across 30 columns and 100+ rows (some are empty as well). I want to split all the column in each row which contains 6:30,14:30.

The requirement is not clear @New_DevRoy :slight_smile: . I guess you have values in the rows of different columns and you want them to be in the single row. Am I right?

If splitting in the sense filtering the data, then you can use filter data table activity or linq to get the data required

input Output

Please find the desired input and output

Heyy @New_DevRoy

For this, you need to loop through the rows and split with the comma (,) or whatever you have and use build data table to add all the values in the another data table

Hello @New_DevRoy

If you have all the required columns already defined you can do it easily using Read Row Activity and replace necessary comma to match your input array and add it to your Datatable by splitting it with comma

Check this workflow for better understanding

Column (9.4 KB)

@vickydas I did exactly this! Thank you!

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