How to split any large file into chunks

I have a requirement to split large file (ZIP file) without using any 3rd party apps and packages.
Help needed !!


Use Balareva activities to zip and unzip files and it was developed by @balupad14

Please check below thread for more Info.

Unzip .tar.gz files

@lakshman I think you didn’t got my point without using unoffical packages or activities

Writing your own custom activity or invoking code would be the quickest way to do this if 3rd party apps/packages are not allowed.

You can use streams to read the main file and write smaller child files byte by byte. If the file is extremely large this will probably be your best bet. Otherwise you can use Invoke Method and System.IO.Compression to unzip the main item and then re-zip parts of that together into smaller zip files.

If you google “ split large file into chunks” or something similar you can see some examples for how other people are splitting large files up.

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@DanielMitchell Thanks for your response .
Can you provide the sample code for the same as I am not good at coding . I just know how to use uipath.

if you have uipath version >v2018.3.1 you could invoke method for unzipping

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