How to split all the transaction items to all bots on all machines(example- 5 bots on 5 machines) without using the orchestrator queues and Re-Framework

Hi All,

Can anyone please let me know, how to split all the transaction items (suppose it is in excel file or any other) to all the bots on all machines, without using the orchestrator queue concept and re-Framework.

Also, the bot should automatically pick up the next item for transaction if the previous one is already picked up by one bot, so automatically it will get split among all the bots and it should run all 5 machines at the same time.


NO Need to write any special code for this, Since everything will be added to queue, when ever you start robot bot will pick one item after other.

Just add items to queue and start all robots at once, they will work on their own

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if you need to control to run only specific items to a bot, then you need to create multiple queue names and initialize every bot with same process

Hi vajrang,
Thanks for your reply.But as the question says, i need the solution without using orchestrator queues and than the bot should pick one item another on all machines it is running