How to split a string by hyphen when it is read as a unicode character \ufffe?


I’m trying to read a pdf using the read pdf text activity and traverse through each line of it. I’ve used the Split function with the delimiter Environment.newline for the same. I’m now facing a scenario where the lines that end with hyphen are not considered to be separated by Newline character but a unicode character \ufffe
eg: This is the new-
gen technology
This is read in uipath string as :
This is the new\ufffegen technology

I cannot add a split parameter as hyphen since that would create unnecessary line breaks when found in the middle of the sentence. Can anyone help?

After reading the pdf, please replace the special character by NewLine and then use the Split:

System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(op, “\ufffe”, Environment.NewLine)


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