How to split a sentence with different data

How to split a sentence with different data, my .xlsx file is like this

I want my data like this

I used split function but I did not succeed.

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Write what and from what exactly you want to extract. You can do data extraction using RegEx.

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websites can be easily extracted using Regex and the rest of the data can be extracted relative to the website, for example, the address is always after the website. and organization name is before the website. (i.e for each case you should split according to the website and index 0 will be the name and index 1 will be the address).

hope this helps.

a high level overview on what you should do:
1- extract website using regex
2-split the whole sentence with website as delimiter (youString.Split(extractedWebsite))
3-get the name using index0 of the above command, and address using index1.

Hi @sarra.meziane

Even you can try Regex to get your wordings. To get the above words, please find the below regex,

Regex: (?<=[a-z])[A-Z]\w.+\s\w+\s\w+([é])

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