How to split 3 movies separated by commas from an input dialog

I want to store the names of three movies in an array, but I want to enter the names in a single input dialog
For example: movie1, movie2, movie3

As I am creating an array, I would like to store these 3 movies names, but I don’t know how to separate them with commas


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@ Veera_Raj what is c in (","c)

Hi @sagar.raval

You can also try with this expression

Split("movie1, movie2, movie3",",")(0)

Here → “,” is the separator
c -. character

(0) → movie1
(1) → movie2


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Try Like this:

Assign arrMovies = {"movie1","movie2", "movie3"}

Use For each activity and Pass the arrMovies

in each iteration you’ll get movie1,movie2 and movie3

Now use Message box to display the each Movie Name


Use assign activity to store the value



c is a chararray

Hi @sagar.raval , I hope you are doing well.
Regarding your problem I am attaching a workflow as an solution, I hope it will help you to solve the problem. (2.3 KB)

Pass movie names separated by commas in input dialog box example: hello brother,dark,inception

Thanks & Regards,
Shubham Dutta

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