How to specify which page to extract in a PDF file using Data Scraping

Hello :slight_smile: ,

I am trying to use Data Scraping to extract a table from a specific page in a pdf file and put it in a datable. I succeeded to get the datatable but the problem is that the robot is running through all pdf file.
This is my process :

This is what i have in Extract Metadat section :
">extract-table get_columns_name=โ€˜1โ€™ get_empty_columns=โ€˜1โ€™ columns_name_source=โ€˜Longestโ€™ />
Can you please help me to find out how to specify the page number that the robot should look for directly ?
Thank you in advance.


@Taha_Ben_Mohamed, Hi

Do you perhaps know if the page you are looking for has something unique, maybe a heading that other pages do not have. or maybe do you know its page number if its on the same page number all the time?

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yes i know its number, letโ€™s say page number. How can i specify it in my process ? Thanks