How to specify value of key at run time

i have design job for extract table data from pdf and store into excel file and then i want call rest api Parameterized Post method And passed paratemert in body field .
how can passed value for key run time

Hello @ashwini.mali

Does that mean you need to pass some value during the execution and user need to enter the value manually?

If yes, you can use a custom input activity.


Not Manually .i Have to calll Rest API Parameterized Post Method And Pass paramameter In Body Field For that That Key Is Fix ,Only Value is changed During Execution Time.Attach screenshot of my excel file In excel Column name is fixed only row data is entered at excecution time

Issue Resolve But When i call rest Api Post Method getting error
Status code 500

Hi @ashwini.mali

find the screenshot

Here I have used json, but you can pass the column value to your respective json key.



Im Assign Value like below
use Build data table Activity so the data in table column wise

Okay @ashwini.mali

you just assign these values to the json Key:


Jsonobject(“JsonKey”)=“your data table column value”

how ,
please give example

@ashwini.mali these are the steps to follow

  1. Create the JsonBody first

  2. Then pass the json body in httpRequest activity body property

this a example of orchestrator start job api where I am using post method to start job in orchestrator

I try assign variable like above But getting error
Please guide me to Assign variable

@ashwini.mali could you upload your workflow here by putting some testing data?

Getting Error Json to String Conversion
How to convert string to json

use deserialize json activity for that

used Deserialized Activity to convert string ti json but getting error

your file contains json array so please use this activity to convert

used Deserialize JsonArray activity but still error is not solved

Could you upload your workflow here including jsonfile?

how can upload workflow means which file ?

.xaml file and json file both…

kindly checked attach file
webApiParameter.json (419 Bytes)
Main.xaml (13.8 KB)