How to specify from which particular email account you wanna download attachment in Email Attachment

I want to Download Attachments from Specific Email.
How to Specify it in SAVE ATTACHMENTS activity.


Please follow below steps to achieve your requirement.

  1. Use get outlook mail messages activity and provide your mail folder and how many emails you want to read. Save emails in to mailmessages.

  2. Use for each loop and assign mail messages to loop each and ever email you want to look.

  3. Use item (each email object) and apply some filter like below in the screenshot. And also you can apply some more filters you want to filter email efficiently.

  4. Use save attachments activity inside the if condition we have used to filter the correct email. If filter satisfied you can save the attachment for specific emails.

We have to provide input as folder path to save attachments and item should assign to mail object so that save attachments activity would save the attachment in to specific folder.

Please explore on the filter section and filter specific email to download attachment. Thanks.

Do we need to insert the email we want in "Request’.

No. I have just shared the sample filter you can filter by using your criteria.

What is the Format of Criteria.
Can You Provide me.


Sample like you want to filter the emails with the subject.

item.subject.contains(“Your email subject or partial subject”)

or if you want email from specific email id.


Or if we want to search fixed email id we could use expression like below

item.From.Equals(" Email adress ")

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Thankyou So Much

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Your most welcome.

A Small Suggestion of Correction
For Email Specification
it should be specified as item.From.Equals(" Email adress ")

if you can edit your answer it would be help full for others who were searching for answers.


With contains match we can cover some other cases too. Fixed match with equls to function it will match only one email id.
Based on your requirement you could modify your filter expression.

For suppose we want to get emails from one user it might come with .com or .in or some other domain you could use contains in that case. Thanks.

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