How to specify a window on remote desktop connection

I am working on this project for a customer where we need to access a system using Windows remote desktop connection.
Since this robot has to access the system through RDP, everything comes out as images. So we cannot select elements using selectors, and we are totally relying on Image activities like click image.

Now, here we have a problem. Part of this project is, clicking a button on the system window (say, window A), and opening a window (say, window B), on which there will be more activities done. However, sometimes window B opens behind window A, instead of on the top of the screen. When this happens, any activities that were supposed to be done on window B fails because UiPath cannot find the images on window B, which is hidden behind window A.

What sucks is, we cannot use Attach Window because everything is image, and we cannot indicate the window.

Is there any way to fix this problem? How could we bring a certain window to the most front on RDP, or any situation where you have to rely on Images?

Hi @tomato25

Use Native Citrix Recording in Remote Desktop machine.

Kommi jeevan.

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