How to sort dates column-wise

Sorting dates.xlsx (10.7 KB)

Hi all,

I need to sort the dates based on the customer ID. The dates are present in different application columns in excel. I need to pick any two oldest dates for that particular row.


This above picture in the input file. I want the output file to look like the picture below.


So along with the two oldest dates, I need to pick the column name also.

please help. I need to complete this urgently.

I have created an excel macro to populate the above specified output which u can call on uipath.
To continue using uipath you can call execute macro activity (PopulateData method in script) with in excel application scope.

Screenshots attached here with the step flow I followed and got output.
Drop me ur email id, so that I can share xlsm file, if u need.

Hope it helps you.



Hope the following helps you. (29.2 KB)



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