How to sort data of datatable


In my data table i have the following type of data.

Name Id
srikanth 1
hari 2
Ananth 1
Mahendra 3
hemant 2

Now I want to sort data of the data table with ID’s(1,2,3) and should store data(entire row) that equal to ID 1 in one excel sheet and same where ID matches 2 should store in second excel same follows with the ID 3. Please note that i want to sort based on 3 ID’s only.

Can any one suggest a way to search data in datatable and writing the while row to the excel sheet. That equal to the particular ID(1 or 2 or 3).

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What about the Sort Table activity?

Hi! First, you can create three new data tables using the ‘Build Data Table’ activity. Then in a ‘For each row’ activity for your input table, you can use an ‘If’ activity (or ‘Switch’) to differentiate the rows by their ID and then to add the specific data rows to the created tables. See the attached workflow for more details. (9.2 KB)