How To : Sort A To Z, Merge & Center, Midle Align Without Using Recording Activity?


I want to Sort A To Z, Merge & Center, Midle Align in Excel Using UiPath, Is it Possible without using Recording Activity?
Please find below an Explanation about the Desired Result :
Note: I want to avoid using recording because the Number of appearance of A’s B’S and C’s is Changing ( Variable) and we may have D’s, E’s…etc

Do all the columns lie in the same excel buddy @hsendel

Hi Palaniyappan
The above snapshot represent one column only, I just share the steps one by one: Sort, Merge, and Align.

Find in Attachment an Example to Explain better.Example_Input.xlsx (10.1 KB)
Example_Output.xlsx (10.4 KB)

Any update ?