How to sort a list of strings coming from Directory.GetFiles and store in a variable?

I’ve seen the other posts where the invoke activity is being used, the .Sort(), and the OrderBy method is being used, but I have ran into compiler errors.

This is how it’s setupt
attachmentFiles = Directory.GetFiles(file_path).Sort

I also tried
attachmentFiles = Array.Sort(Directory.GetFiles(file_path))

I also tried the invoke activity method as well with

Each of these has led to compiler errors. Is there a way to sort the array of strings grabbed from the Directory.GetFiles without errors?

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First line is sorting on filename and returns an array (of FileInfo)

Second line shows on how to access the filepath info from a fileInfo

Hi @ppr ,

Thank you so much for your help. This was the correct solution and I was able to finally complete my project. You’re the best

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