How to solve this

the flow decision is Email.Where(Function(s) s.Subject.Contains(Subject_Setup)).Any And
Email.Where(Function(s) s.Subject.Contains(CC_Setup)).Any

The flow decision is showing error because it does not contain any value, because the value which is coming from email is not true nor false else it is null, so that’s why it’s showing error, you have to make sure that the from previous activity we are having data

what to put as value at the variable assigned?
the variable is CC_Setup

First you have to make sure that the CC_Setup is having some value, try to debug the workflow and try to print out it’s value to make sure it is having some value

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Hi @Venusha_Sree

How about this expression?

EmailData.Where(Function(s) s.Subject.Contains(Subject_Setup) Or Not String.IsNullOrEmpty(Subject_Setup)).Any And EmailData.Where(Function(s) s.Subject.Contains(CC_Setup) Or Not String.IsNullOrEmpty(CC_Setut)).Any


i dont know what to put as the value?

i need put this in the flow decision is it?

You can put that Expression in the Flow decision @Venusha_Sree

what to put in the value?
or just assign at the variables is enough

Then Why do you use this expression? @Venusha_Sree

What are the data comes from the email subject?

What do you need to achieve with this expression?

I can’t able to understand.

if the email contains cc the attachment from the email should not be save in folder

Hi @Venusha_Sree

Check out the XAML file

GetMailCC.xaml (11.7 KB)