How to solve this problem, i'm working to copy data excel data many time. Kindly advise

Hi @natchakrit

It looks like your target excel workbook doesn’t 650 records in column B.
If you don’t have control over the number of rows (or if it’s frequently changing) you can read the entire sheet without specifying the range and use the data you need. (provided it’s not too big, making it heavier than it needs to be)

well noted with thanks. Let me try and feedback. another question not related to this topic, for data scraping (table) from website but found error "Extract Structured Data ‘TABLE’: TypeError: Failed to execute ‘observe’ on ‘MutationObserver’: parameter 1 is not of type ‘Node’. It mean Data Scraping cannot be use for this website ?

Hi @natchakrit
Sorry about the delay, I missed this one.

It’s possible that the node you’re clicking on or indicating in the webpage isn’t a part of standard detectable table elements. Have you tried any other parts of the page?
Can you post screenshot(s) of how you’re indicating the element and what’s the error.

For ‘Excel’ i still cannot copy and paste base on the above error even though i specific the correct range
For ‘scrapping data’ this website cannot support scrapping data like other tables for manual process i copy and can paste to excel but got long text so i workaround by paste to notepad the copy to excel then.

So does that solve your problem completely now?