How to Solve the RPA Challenge with UiPath StudioX

Solving the RPA Challenges has always been the ‘Olympics for RPA Developers’. Michael Fray, a RPA Architect, showed me, how to solve the mother of the RPA Challenges, the Input Forms problem, with UiPath Studio in the easiest solution I’ve seen.

So far the fastest times, with video documentation, are (Name,Tool,Time)*:

Allan Zimmermann,OpenRPA,0.849s
Joni Lui,SAP Intelligent RPA,0.878s
Baristheniz,Blue Prism,13.408s
Jasper C Miller,Kofax,23.562s
Thomas T,UiPath,22.316s
Micah Smith,Automation Anywhere,89.156s
Michael Fray,UiPath StudioX,214.492s

*only fastest solution from each tool counts.

Shouldn’t we try to make UiPath move up the ladder? If you do create a faster solution, tag me in the video and I update the High Score.

You can see the entire interview and StudioX demo here:

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