How to solve the problem?

An animal is walking for first 40 seconds and resting for next 10 seconds and this cycle continues. Prepare an automation in which whatever the input the output should give the condition of an animal whether it is walking or resting…

Use While loop and pass true by default

and use if condition and check this one DateTime.Now.Second>40 and DateTime.Now.Second <= 50 then animal is resting in else part bot is walking

Hope you understand this

First, we need to convert the number into seconds by using assign activity if the input is not given in seconds. Multiply the input in minutes to 60 and you will get the second

Next step is to find the mod by dividing the number with 50 using another assign activity (InputNumber%50) . if the output/remainder is between 0-9 then it would be resting else walking.

I hope this is the answer you are looking for