How to solve the error that column doesn't exist

I got an error that column doesnot exist even I have that column in my input
how to check and solve the error


Check the column name where you are trying to get the value from it. May have some blank space in the source.

I have checked everything but still iam facing issue with the column

Can you provide the screenshot of the column list from your file? So we can find out the solution


What is the activity you are using and is it from a datatable?

If it is datatable try to print all column names and compare it with your column name in a notepad

set a breakpoint at a relevant location, debug and use the immediate panel
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type in: YourDataTableVar.Columns and check the column names

this is the error i got

Please see that you have pass the exact column name as it is in your file or sheet. Also see you are reading the right sheet in which that column is present. Sometimes the name contains some blank space please check that to.

Hi @anjani_priya
It says about Total Value does not belong
check the excel file and copy the column name don’t write it just do copy and paste for that column

I have another error

but there are no string values in it


remove .ToString

see this error

an empty string / null value cannot be parsed into a Double

So handle those values e.g. by filtering out for the summming up or use a default value


Check the Total Value column is empty or not

this is the data I have, I should add c column but in b column i have a string
if i want to take only c column what should i do

this error is throwing


Can you show what you had written in the assign activity


Remove .ToString

if i remove iam getting this error