How to solve the error-overload resolution failed because no accessible contains accepts this number of arguments

how to solve the above error. I took if else statement, so I got this error .How to resolve it.

to to fix this

Hi @anjani_priya ,
What is the error message? encountered with which activity?


This basically occurs when you are trying to use the Contains method with an incorrect number of arguments.

It takes two arguments:

  1. The source string or collection you want to check. (For example : yourStringVariable)
  2. The value you want to check for. (For example : search value)

Condition Like this if activity


If it’s not a contains method
Check with the method u r using in IF condition
If u r using a contain or any method
Get the cursor between the braces of .Contains() then press ctrl+space to know the arguments to be passed

Hope this helps

Cheers @anjani_priya

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