How to solve number issue /

Hi @Happydayyy

In the Input data may be there is empty row with item number. That’s why it was not deleted if you want to delete the last row in the excel you can use the Delete rows activity.

→ Use the Excel Process scope activity and insert the Use excel file inside of it.
→ Pass the Excel file path in the Use excel file activity.
→ Inside Use excel file activity insert the Find find/last row activity to get the last row number.

  • Give the source field value as Excel.Sheet(“FA for 4N”)
  • Give the Column name in the Column name field in your case it is “Item”
  • Create a variable in the Save last row number as field, let’s call the variable name as Lastrow.

→ After Find First/last row activity insert the Delete rows activity, give the values as below in Delete rows activity,

  • In what to table or range field give the range as Excel.Sheet(“FA for 4N”)
  • At Position field pass the Lastrow variable as Lastrow.toString.

Check the below workflow for better understanding,

Hope it helps!!

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