How to solve dynamic element/selector button/login button on a website?

Hello Everyone

I have automated a process that will click a login button on a government website. However, since it is a website, the element of the login button will change from time-to-time. Do you have any suggestion on how to permanently fix it? My temporary fix is to revalidate or recalibrate the selectors. Thanks


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Hi @Callos_James_AU

You can use wildcards in your selector.

Can you show us the selector?

Thank you!



I don’t use wildcards in the selector. I have attached the selector that I’m using.

Note: the “tag” before was ‘span’ but now it is ‘div’.



hey @Callos_James_AU
since selector keeps on chnging then use click image activity/click text activity instead of element based click

Can you not wildcard the tag:

<webctrl aaname='Log on' tag='*' />


hi @TimK, I will try to use wildcard! I will update you as I have the result. I just need to wait for the website to be updated again :smiley:

hi @Prafull, is using the click image activity won’t affect if the selector or element of the image has been changed? I don’t often use the click image because it’s not always working 100% for me, on my experience…

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Hello @TimK wildcard is not working because it’s clicking other icon/button.

Hello @Prafull_B same with click image. I also tried the click text and got this message “Click Text ‘DIV dhs-ui-backdrop’: The method or operation is not implemented.” :frowning:

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Hello Everyone!

I found a workaround, instead of using click image, text, or wildcard, what I did was I used Get attribute activity and pass it to the log in (click activity) button selector. I tested it and it works fine. Hopefully if the website changes, this will still be alright. Thanks for your inputs, everyone!


Then try with click ocr text

For click image - you need to be very careful with image accuracy, if image color is changing then image is not an option

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