How to solve "Cross platform function server has stopped working."?

Hi. I’m currently developing a workflow that scrapes data from command prompt. It is working already until a windows error pops up “Cross platform function server has stopped working.” I didn’t change anything in the workflow.

Exception in workflow:
Message: The x64 function server is not available.
Exception Type: COMException

Anyone experienced this? Help.

Where you able to solve this issue? having the same.


I was not able to resolve it. As a workaround, I did not use the scraping method anymore. I used the send hot keys activity to CTRL+A CTRL+C and store the value in a variable.

Hope it helps.


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Hi @danicagilbuena

Has screen scraping not been working since the issue showed? If so, we would like to know more details :slight_smile:

  • Studio version
  • UiAutomation package version

Studio: 2018.4.5
UiAutomation: 19.4.1



Does the same happen on the latest UiAutomation activity package 19.5.0?