How to solve beyond the boundary

Hi, I meet something wrong about the Click Activity.
When I run to click the elements on the page, it give the wrong message: beyond the user page boundary.I check my Edit Selector and try to fix my wrong, but the Vaildate still show wrong.
And I try to change the title, but it’s grey, I cannot change it.
I try to change aaname and parentid to “*”, but it still unworkig.
If I use Click ImageIt will jump to the previous page which I run it few seconds ago.
I feel confuse, who can help me?please.

Is the element visible on the screen when the error occurs, or you need to scroll down before clicking on it?

Have you already tried to enable simulate type option?

Finally, can you share the selector and/or page screenshot?


Yep,It’s visible on the screen,I’m sorry I maybe tomorrow to give you the screenshot.

Hi @HuaiYe
please provide us the screenshot and the selector you have tuned so far


I’m sorry that i cannot put the WEB page screenshot to you, although it’s a old project of my company to give me practice, but it still cannot be exposed at all.
But I have the screenshot of selector, and it have many kinds, contains what I adjust, and the initial type. Please look it.

I use the wildcard to adjust the selector , you can see that does not take effect.
When the aaname and parentid change to “*”, you can see that it change to green, but it dose not work.
And I try the simulateClick, it defeat,when the process run, the click activity no any response.