How to solve a zip File cannot be moved because it is been used by another process


I have this error file cannot be moved because it is currently being used by another process.
The file is a zip which i just created .
the question is how do i kill whatever process using this zip file… i didnt open it , i used a simple compress archive activity to compress some files… which created the zip. now i want to move the zip


Hi @MasterOfLogic,

Haven’t Tried the Activities but i can give you a suggestion.

Once the Files are compressed , you can copy the files to a location with a new name.

So we cannot move a file if it is process. However we can always copy the file and then move the copied one.

Now I see we have 2 copied of Data. we can write a delete logic to delete the unnecessary one at the end.


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Hello, thanks a lot… i think i figured out my mistake, the mistake was defining my file path…thanks again,

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