How to skip queue item data

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I have some columns in queue like
roll no :

But some times name column will come or not based on input file

How can I skip/validate name column is present or not while reading queue item.

Hi @pankajmohan.dhane

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You can try with Taking the count of the column name.

Use If activity and processed with this expression


Then You take the value of Name, Roll no, Id

Else You take the value of Roll no, Id


Hi Gokul , How can you validate in queue item? no in dt


Assuming name, roll no and id are the fields of queue item, you can give the below condition:
if(TransactionItem.SpecificContent.keys.contains(β€œname”)) β†’ Do the next steps
else β†’ skip


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Thanks athira . that works

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Hello @pankajmohan.dhane

Hope you are adding the Data to queue using Add queue item activity. During that time if the Name column data is blank it will be blank in the queue.

While retrieving the data from queue you can use the If condition to validate whether the value is blank or not.


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thanks will try this

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